Ski, Sightsee, and Savor: Your Winter Guide to the Poconos

Discover the top winter activities in the Poconos Mountains, where the adventure doesn’t stop until the snow melts.

Hidden Valley-PA Winter Scenic Image

You don’t have to be deep into the Rockies to get the most out of the winter season. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, anywhere near the Poconos Mountains, winter adventure is just around the corner. 

So take note, the Poconos region is ready for people who want to add a few snow-laden adventures to turn the cold months into memorable months! 

The Poconos, Made for Winter Play

The Poconos Mountains offer more than just a picturesque backdrop for your holiday photos. They provide the landscape for winter's excitement in Pennsylvania, across Monroe, Carbon, Wayne, and Pike counties.

From the reward of skiing the pristine slopes uphill, to the calm of seeing the forests covered in a blanket of snow, to enjoying a colorful story from one of the many vibrant après , the Poconos offers more than downhill skiing.

Jack Frost Big Boulder Ski Resort 

Less than 12 miles apart, Jack Frost and Big Boulder offer two very similar family-friendly daytime ski resort experiences. But Big Boulder also comes alive at night, offering night skiing and a park scene. As a contributor to the invention of snowmaking itself, the area takes pride in their snow and grooming—making for consistent conditions. Add that to surprisingly varied terrain, from first-day greens to black-diamond terrain, and you’re set for fun for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.

The Uphill Skiing Experience

For those who live for the journey as much as the destination, uphill skiing satisfies anyone looking to add an athletic challenge to their adventure. Unlike the chair lift, uphill skiing (or "skinning") offers a rewarding workout, letting adventurers conquer the slopes, step-by-step, under their own will and power! 

Each effort up the mountain brings you closer to earning your ride down the slope. Yahoo!

Immerse Yourself in the Surroundings

In addition to on-mountain fun, the area is rich with scenic beauty to explore. Whether by foot or cross country skis, sightseeing in the Poconos during winter unfolds different journeys through the river valley and beyond. 

The Lehigh River, with its banks edged in snow, offers serene views that transform the landscape into a tranquil escape, where the rush of cold water contrasts beautifully with the stillness around it. 

Not far, the Buttermilk Waterfalls become a frozen cascade, a marvel of nature’s artistry, sure to satisfy an adventurous heart. 

More for the explorers, the Bear Creek Preserve Trails is a network of pathways through quiet woods, where the snow mutes the world, allowing for a peaceful walk within a quintessential arboreal canopy. 

The Nightlife with the Best of Both Worlds

After a long adventurous day in the Poconos, it’s time to pick what’s fit for your evening. If you're still fit for the slopes, Big Boulder comes to life at night, with night skiing, and a park scene full of rails, jumps, and big airs.

For those looking to socialize and enjoy live music, there are a selection of restaurants and bars to choose from at Big Boulder, so you can make the night as adventurous as your day. 

If lakeside Delmonico steak or crab ravioli is more your speed, satisfy your foodie appetite at the Big Boulder Tavern—offering views of the snowy mountain, specialty cocktails, fine wine and delicious vegetarian options.

Embrace the Poconos Winter Spirit

The Poconos blend the day's natural beauty and athletic challenges with nights of gastronomic delights and vibrant tunes, making every winter moment a celebration. Here, the essence of winter transcends the outdoors, inviting you to savor the finest of the Poconos mountain's embrace.