Okemo: A Top Vermont Family Resort

Okemo: Where convenience meets adventure! This East Coast gem is easily one of the best family resorts in Vermont.

Man and Woman Snowboarding Under Sunburst Six at Okemo

A Ski Vacation for the Whole Family: Why Okemo is Vermont’s Premier Family Resort


Among the gems of Vermont’s skiing scene, Okemo is the premier choice for local families or those visiting the East Coast. With its convenient location, diverse terrain suitable for all abilities, and an abundance of family-friendly activities, Okemo offers an unparalleled experience that stands apart from other Vermont family resorts.  


Convenient Location: The Gateway to Family Adventure on the East Coast

One of Okemo’s many enticing features is its strategic location in the heart of Vermont, making it an easily accessible destination for families coming from major East Coast cities. Whether you’re driving from Boston, New York City, or other nearby urban centers, Okemo’s central position in New England means less time on the road and more time reveling in the winter wonders of the Green Mountain State. 

The convenience of reaching Okemo without needing extensive travel arrangements makes it one of the best family resorts in Vermont. Shorter road trips are ideal for a weekend getaway or a more extended family vacation. This accessibility is a big draw for families looking to maximize their time on the slopes and utilize the resort amenities.


Diverse Terrain: Fun for Every Skill Level

A well-rounded skiing experience is evident at Okemo with its diverse terrain and incredible ski surface that caters to skiers and riders of all abilities. The resort has plenty of groomed trails and a good blend of beginner slopes, intermediate cruisers, and more challenging runs for any advanced skiers in the family. 

For beginners and young skiers, Okemo’s specially designed learning zones and ski schools provide a supportive environment for acquiring and honing skills. The resort’s ski instructors are experienced and always ensure that even the littlest family members can confidently navigate through the snow. 

Intermediate skiers and riders have access to numerous well-groomed cruisers to carve down or speed through. These blues are perfect for working on newly learned skills or getting outside of the comfort zone in a safe and enjoyable way to gain confidence. Okemo also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to more challenging runs. Seasoned skiers and riders can find expert trails and glades for ample opportunity to push their limits. 

With plenty of varied terrain, families can explore the mountain together, finding runs suited to everyone’s on-snow skills. Whether the crew skis the same slopes or spiders off to do their own thing, Okemo has plenty to offer for any type of skier or rider. 


A Look Beyond the Slopes

Okemo extends its family-friendly atmosphere beyond skiing, offering all sorts of activities that make it a wonderful winter escape for all. This sets the stage for unforgettable memories and future family stories. 

  • Ice Skating: The resort’s ice skating rink, located in the House at Jackson Gore, adds a touch of classic winter charm. Families can glide across the ice together while enjoying the crisp mountain air after or instead of a day of skiing
  • Mountain Coaster: Okemo’s Timber Ripper Mountain coaster is a must-try for families seeking a rush all year long (open winter & summer). The attraction offers a scenic and exhilarating ride in two-person sled-like cars through alpine forests.


Exploring Nearby

While Okemo itself provides plenty of winter activities, families have the opportunity to explore the nearby surrounding Okemo Valley to discover even more of what Vermont has to offer. The region is rich in culture, history, and outdoor adventures, ensuring there’s always something new to explore beyond the resort boundaries. You can check out more info on any of the options below by visiting the Okemo Valley Chamber site here.

  • Tours and Scenic Beauty: A guided or self-guided tour to explore the scenic beauty of Vermont is always a solid option. Whether this takes shape as a snowshoeing adventure through pristine landscapes or a sleigh ride with a local, the region's natural wonder is ever on display. 
  • Quaint Inns and Historic Charm: Vermont is dotted with charming inns and historic sites that families can immerse themselves in to explore the state’s rich history. Exploring these villages is sure to highlight the warm local hospitality. 
  • Outdoor Experiences: Families seeking unique outdoor experiences can delve into activities like dog sledding or take a journey through the Vermont wilderness on a snowmobile. These are sure to provide an adventurous twist on the traditional winter getaway, but there’s plenty to explore outside when the snow melts as well. 

Beyond its well-groomed slopes and family-friendly amenities, Okemo’s strategic East Coast location ensures effortless accessibility for families searching for a memorable escape from nearby cities. Okemo has a perfect balance of adventure, winter magic, and relaxation, allowing those cherished family moments to unfold effortlessly.