Top Resorts For Mountain Biking

Discover summer’s best mountain biking at these world-class locations. Plan your adventure with our top resort guide. The top trails and adventures start here. 

Downhill Mountain Biking in Keystone, CO.

When the snow melts and summer takes hold, many renowned winter sports destinations transform into a different version of paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Several top ski resorts effectively become mountain bike resorts, revealing an intricate network of trails designed for thrill-seekers on two wheels. This guide is your key to unlocking summer fun at a few famous ski resorts, keeping the adrenaline pumping and mountain magic at your fingertips all year. 

Mountain Biking Resorts: The Best of the Best

Here’s a quick look at some of North America's top mountain biking resorts. Each location highlighted below offers endless summertime excitement, with plenty of trails, amenities, and other warm-season wonders.

Whistler Blackcomb: A Mountain Mecca

Whistler Blackcomb, in British Columbia, Canada, is often referred to as the mecca of mountain biking. The resort’s Whistler Mountain Bike Park is one of the best mountain bike parks in the world, making it a legendary destination that caters to every level of rider. With over 100 trails spanning more than 200 kilometers, it features a diverse mix of terrain, including gentle banked cruisers, tight and twisted singletracks, and jaw-dropping, expert-only gravity logic trails. 

Best Season to Visit: Late May to October is the prime season for mountain biking here. The park opens progressively, starting with the lower mountain trails in late spring and adding higher-elevation trails as the snow melts. 

What to Expect: A high-speed chairlift dedicated to bikers, rental shops equipped with high-quality gear, and professional instructors offering lessons for all levels. The resort also hosts numerous events and competitions, drawing riders from across the globe. 

Northstar: Tahoe’s Hidden Gem

Northstar, nestled near Lake Tahoe in California, offers a mix of technical challenges and scenic rides. With more than 100 miles of trails, Northstar caters to intermediate and advanced mountain bikers, featuring rocky and rugged terrain that demands skill and confidence. Northstar sets itself apart with features like jumps, berms, and wooden structures, all designed to challenge and excite riders. The resort’s commitment to the environment is also on display in how these features and trails are integrated with the surrounding alpine ecosystem. 

Best Season to Visit: The biking season typically runs from June to October, with variations depending on snowfall and weather conditions. 

What to Expect: Northstar’s bike park includes lift-accessed trails, a skills development area, and a downhill mountain bike network that explores the surrounding Sierra Nevada landscape. The resort is also known for its excellent bike academy, which offers lessons and clinics for improving technique and confidence on more challenging terrain. 

Crested Butte: Where It All Started

Crested Butte, Colorado, holds a special place in mountain biking lore, often credited as one of the sport’s birthplaces. The surrounding Gunnison Valley boasts an extensive network of trails that offer something for everyone, from gentle dirt roads to demanding singletrack adventures to wildflower-dotted landscapes. The vibrant community and historic town serve as the perfect backdrop for an already amazing biking experience. 

Best Season to Visit: Mounting biking season in Crested Butte typically lasts from late June to September, with the best conditions often found in July and August. 

What to Expect: Crested Butte’s trails wind through stunning alpine meadows, aspen groves, and rugged mountain terrain. The area hosts a variety of mountain bike-related races and activities throughout the summer, offering many opportunities to enjoy the historic town and its endless outdoor excitement. 

Keystone: A Downhiller’s Dream

Keystone is acclaimed for its challenging downhill trails accessible via a dedicated bike lift. The summer months turn this ski resort into a playground for mountain bikers seeking gravity-induced thrills. Keystone offers diverse trails that include rock gardens, drops, and high-speed sections. 

Best Season to Visit: The biking season at Keystone runs from late-June to September, weather permitting. 

What to Expect: Keystone’s Bike Park features progressive trails that cater to a range of skill levels, but it’s particularly famous for its advanced and expert trails.

Vail: Luxury Meets Adventure

Vail is a ski resort often synonymous with luxury, and its summer offerings are no exception. The resort boasts a comprehensive network of mountain biking trails that accommodate all levels, set against the backdrop of Colorado’s breathtaking summer landscapes. Scenic cross-country routes and challenging downhill tracks keep riders busy during the day, and world-class food and lodging abound when the adventure subsides. 

Best Season to Visit: The mountain biking season at Vail typically stretches from late-June to early September. 

What to Expect: Vail’s well-maintained trails take riders through beautiful mountain scenery, including meadows, forests, and streams. The resort offers bike rentals and lessons for all abilities. Vail also hosts the GoPro Mountain Games, an annual event that includes mountain biking competitions along with other outdoor sports.  

Planning Your Mountain Biking Adventure

When planning your trip to any of these top mountain biking resorts, consider the following tips: 

  • Book in Advance: Summer is still a busy season at these resorts, and accommodations, rentals, and lessons can book up fast. 
  • Check Trail Conditions: Always check the latest trail conditions and resort opening times, as these can vary with the weather. 
  • Gear Up: Ensure you have the right gear for the trails, including helmets and protective equipment. Most resorts offer rentals if you’re traveling light. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Summer rides at high elevations can be demanding, so carry plenty of water and snacks.  
  • Respect the Trails: Follow trail etiquette and respect the natural environment to ensure these beautiful places remain pristine for years to come. 

Each of these resorts offers a unique summer mountain biking experience set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. A little planning goes a long way toward ensuring your biking adventures go smoothly and that you can take advantage of all these resorts have to offer. These destinations promise adventure, excitement, and memories to last a lifetime for mountain bikers of all kinds.