Night Skiing on the East Coast

Discover top East Coast resorts for night skiing to help plan your nocturnal adventure and experience the magic of skiing after dark at renowned destinations.

Skiing at night on Crotched Mountain

Night Skiing on the East Coast

Night skiing can transform the traditional ski adventure into a more unique and enchanting experience on the East Coast. Beneath a moonlit sky, crisp mountain air becomes the canvas for endless escapades on snowy slopes after sunset. East Coast night skiing is an excellent way for newbies and seasoned skiers alike to elevate their winter fun to the next level and extend the time spent on the slopes. Night skiing not only adds an extra layer of excitement to a standard ski day but also opens up opportunities for families, friends, and even college groups to enjoy the resort under starry skies. 

The Night Skiing Northeast Scene

A handful of locations offer night skiing in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Below is a quick look at all of the top East Coast resorts with night skiing to help you scheme your trip. 

Crotched Mountain

Night skiing runs through the bulk of the season at Crotched, with skiing and riding beginning at 3:00 PM and requiring a separate ticket for non-Passholders. During select nights, the mountain has special events during night skiing, such as Midnight Madness. 

Jack Frost Big Boulder

Jack Frost Big Boulder is another East Coast resort that is made up of two mountains and offers night skiing and riding all season long at Big Boulder. There are dining options, rentals, and lessons that are all open and available after the regular ski day shuts down, so you can take advantage of just about any on-mountain activity after dark. 


Liberty Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania offers night skiing on select nights throughout the season, and tickets for this can be purchased at guest services or online in advance. Get your night skiing ticket ahead of time to ensure availability. 


Dew After Dark is part of the night skiing adventure at Roundtop on select nights in January and February. It’s your chance to get free MTN DEW samples and exclusive swag. Roundtop brings the fun at night, every night.


Whitetail offers a magical night skiing experience with well-lit trails catering to all skill levels. As the sun sets, the slopes come alive, creating a mesmerizing winter playground. Expect excitement and tranquility as you glide through the illuminated runs. 

Seven Springs

Seven Springs transforms into a nocturnal snow paradise after dark, with an array of lit-up trails to captivate skiers and riders. The atmosphere here is vibrant, and the lights make every run a memorable experience. 

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain boasts some enchanting night skiing options to offer a serene but fun adventure. Remember that night tickets do not automatically load onto existing ticket media and must be picked up from guest services

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley in Pennsylvania unveils a captivating night skiing adventure as the darkness descends and the slopes light up. This is another solid spot on the East Coast where you can expect plenty of thrills under the lights, offering a more than memorable skiing or riding experience after sunset.  

What to Expect

Night skiing on the East Coast brings its own set of unique experiences. The winter air takes on a different feel when the sun goes down and can feel colder but more refreshing than during the day. Twinkling lights on illuminated trails provide a surreal ambiance, and the surrounding landscape takes on an ethereal quality. As you go down the slopes, the interplay of shadows and light adds an extra layer of adventure, making every turn an integral aspect of it all. 

A Fun Adventure for All

Night skiing is not just for seasoned skiers and riders, it’s an adventure that families, friends, and groups of all skill levels can enjoy. The enchanting glow of the slopes at any East Coast resort with night skiing creates an inviting atmosphere for beginners to take their first strides in the world of skiing. For families, it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories as they navigate the trails together, sharing laughs and the joy of the snow through less crowded slopes under the night sky. 

College Night Ski Events

Many resorts in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions actively cater to college students by hosting special night skiing events. College nights are a popular tradition where students can take a break from their studies and hit the slopes at discounted rates. These events often include lively gatherings, music, and an overall festive atmosphere, providing a perfect blend of recreation and socializing. 

Get Ready for Your Night Skiing Trip

Whether it’s a family outing, a friends’ getaway, or a college night event, the East Coast night skiing scene promises unforgettable moments and a unique and surreal connection with the snow after dark. The well-lit slopes on any of the resorts mentioned here offer the best way to enjoy the thrill of night skiing in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. If you love the snow and have yet to ski or ride after dark, take advantage of everything these resorts offer and get out there!