Explore Vail’s Classic Ski Runs & Legendary Back Bowls

Discover the best skiing at Vail Mountain—from must-do runs like Dealer's Choice, to the seven legendary Back Bowls for an unforgettable mountain adventure.

Family Getting Ready to Ski on Vail Mountain

Explore Vail's most iconic ski runs, including the seven Legendary Back Bowls. From Dealer’s Choice to Inner & Outer Mongolia Bowls, dive into the terrain that defines Vail Mountain.



Dealer’s Choice

A scenic cruise with a surprise. An ideal introduction, this trail starts with a scenic cruise down Lost Boy in Game Creek Bowl, offering breathtaking views of Mount of the Holy Cross. Transitioning to Dealer’s Choice reveals a wide expanse with a surprise steep section about 3/4 down, which leads to the Game Creek Chair (#7).

Born Free

Slopes unleashed. Stretching from Eagle’s Nest to the Lionshead base area and Eagle Bahn Gondola, Born Free is a long blue-to-green-to-blue run. An epic journey with diverse terrain, it provides an exhilarating experience for skiers of all skill levels. 

Look Ma

Competition-level moguls. Formerly hosting the World Cup Mogul Tour, Look Ma is an opportunity to showcase your skills. Follow in the tracks of mogul legends on this  nostalgic and challenging run.


Mellow meets thrills. A classic front-side run, Avanti starts as a mellow and enjoyable groomed trail, featuring a fun, steep pitch in the middle. This combination of the best of both worlds makes it a favorite among skiers seeking variety.


Bump mastery. Regarded as THE bump run of Vail, Highline is a mogul lover’s dream. This challenging terrain allows skiers to flex their skills while getting a workout. The Highline Chair (#10) provides easy access to this iconic trail.


Backcountry beauty. The lone groomed blue runs in the Back Bowls, Poppyfields serves as the gateway to Back Bowl skiing in Vail. Beyond its skiing allure, the trails—there's an East and a West—offer unparalleled views, and catwalk access to the legendary Blue Sky Basin.

Big Rock Park  

Big Rock Park in Blue Sky Basin is a serene glade where skiers can carve a peaceful line amidst natural groupings of trees. The winding paths make each descent unique, leading seamlessly to the path to Pete’s Express (#39).

Pepi’s Face 

A beloved run for ski races, Pepi’s Face stands as a classic Hollywood Run, visible from the Gondola One lift line and Los Amigos Restaurant's popular deck. Its steep face offers a challenging yet rewarding skiing experience.


Pepi's Tribute. Forever was named in honor of a Vail original, Pepi Gramshammer, of Pepi's Restaurant and Bar in Vail Village. When Pepi first skied the run in 1961, its steep descent made it difficult to hike out from the bottom without the aid of a chairlift. When Pepi finally returned to the top, he declared “By God, that’s a super slope! But it takes FOREVER to climb out!”

Riva Ridge

A historic descent. Riva Ridge remains Vail's longest single run at 4 miles. Named by the 10th Mountain Division, it offers a mix of blue and black pitches with stunning views. Look out for the steepest section known as the "Tourist Trap."



In addition to the iconic trails, the crown jewels of Vail's terrain are the seven Legendary Back Bowls. Each Back Bowl offers a unique skiing adventure, from vast expanses to challenging steeps. Discover the heart of Vail's skiing legacy in these Legendary Back Bowls, where the thrill of the descent is matched only by the breathtaking mountain vistas.


Sun Down Bowl

Where sunset unveils hidden gems. Sun Down Bowl, bathed in alpenglow, offers intricate and concealed back bowl terrain. Easily reached from lifts #3, #7, and #4, it invites exploration and panoramic perspectives.


Tucked away like a secret, Windows requires terrain knowledge. A local's delight, it offers stunning views and wide-open bowl skiing amid trees, cliffs, and playful features.


Embracing exploration, Never demands a traverse across Sun Down Bowl's west face. The reward? Cliff bands, natural features and uninterrupted views of all the Back Bowls, plus less-tracked terrain.


Sun Up Bowl 

A pinnacle of Vail's heritage. Sun Up Bowl, cherished by Vail's founders, epitomizes alpine glory, and unveils the legendary Back Bowls Corbel.

The Slot

Venture through the Back Bowls Corbel to discover The Slot. A groomed marvel, it grants access to China Bowl, Sun Down Bowl, Tea Cup Bowl, and Blue Sky Basin—blending consistency with variety.

Après Vous

Past the ridgeline amid Sun Up and Sun Down Bowls, lies Après Vous. Offering a mix of consistent pitch and tree skiing, it’s a classic Back Bowls descent that leads to Sun Up Catwalk—showcasing Vail's diverse terrain. 


Tea Cup Bowl

Unveiling Vail's coveted terrain. Named after Celestial Seasonings Tea, Tea Cup Bowl is nestled between Sun Up Bowl and China Bowl, inviting powder enthusiasts to its unique and often overlooked terrain on Vail Mountain.

Tea Cup Glade

Unleashing quintessential Colorado aspen tree skiing, Tea Cup Glade, offers a delightful traverse for those in the know. Tight aspens and playful cliffs lead to Sleepytime road from Sun Up Bowl, concluding with a leftward swing to the base of Tea Cup Express Lift (#36).

Morning Thunder

Take the ridge from Sun Up Bowl to China Bowl to unveil Morning Thunder. Often draped in fresh snow, this run boasts small to medium features for powder enthusiasts seeking untracked bliss. It also provides easy access to both Tea Cup Express Lift (#36) and Orient Express Lift (#21). 


China Bowl

Thrills for every skier. China Bowl, a masterpiece of diverse terrain, marries intermediate groomed slopes with challenging steeps for a unique North American skiing experience. 

Poppyfields East & West

These runs define China Bowl. Mellow and groomed, they serve as the perfect introduction to bowl skiing. With consistent grooming, they offer scenic views of Blue Sky Basin and Mount of the Holy Cross—a visual treat for skiers and riders alike.

Genghis Khan

On China Bowl's west side, Genghis Khan allows expert skiers to revel in steep, wide-open pitches. A natural cornice and an ideal powder pitch invites skiers to put on a show for those watching from the Tea Cup Express Lift (#36). In all, it’s a incredible run on a powder day.


Siberia Bowl 

Diverse alpine grandeur. Siberia Bowl unfolds with expansive low-angle glades alongside towering cliffs and steep, sustained vertical drops.

Rasputin's Revenge

Rasputin's Revenge is one of Vail Mountain's most intricate runs. Featuring cliffs, couloirs, cornices, and vast faces, this south-facing favorite offers variable conditions, with morning powder transforming into spring-like snow. Keep a keen eye out for Rasputin himself, discreetly tucked near the run's summit.

Bolshoi Ballroom

A delightful extension to your Siberia Bowl adventure, Bolshoi Ballroom is a land of wide-open, low-angle glades. Ascend on the Mongolia Platter (#22) for an added few hundred feet of vertical bliss. 


Inner & Outer Mongolia Bowls

An in-bounds backcountry experience. Inner & Outer Mongolia Bowls redefine resort skiing. This secluded expert terrain can be accessed via Orient Express Lift (#21) and Mongolia Platter (#22).

For powder enthusiasts, this is the ultimate classroom in Vail’s Back Bowls. It's a tranquil and remote area where acres of low-angle powder await.

While the trek to Inner & Outer Mongolia Bowls demands effort, the journey itself becomes a rewarding part of the adventure. 

Whether you're weaving through the historic Riva Ridge or embracing the untamed beauty of Tea Cup Bowl, Vail captivates with its diversity, challenges, and panoramic vistas.