Top 7 Runs for Thrill-Seeking Skiers

There is no greater thrill on the hill than carving your way down a challenging run, a perma-grin on your face. No matter which of our resorts you plan to visit, there are countless runs that will let you push your skiing abilities to new heights. Here are a handful that are sure to pin your ears back:

Vail, co

Prima Cornice

Vail’s Back Bowls steal most of the attention, but some of the best expert skiing can be found on the Front Side. Take the Northwoods Express to Prima Cornice, the steepest and arguably most challenging run on the mountain. This one’s a must-ski for experienced thrill-seekers.
Heavenly, ca

The Face

A double-black traversing under the Gunbarrel Express on the California side of the mountain, The Face is known for being seriously steep and rugged. Pro tip: Take on the challenge earlier in the day, when your legs are fresh, rather than saving it for a finishing run.
Heavenly, ca

Mott and Killbrew Canyon

Located on the Nevada side of the mountain, these adjoining canyons include more than 20 trails, the majority of which are steep, narrow chutes. This is true expert terrain—some of the most challenging in the country, with varying conditions—so be sure your fitness is up to the task.