From Silent Spas to High-Spirited Après—Whistler Village

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Silence is spa-like

Variety is still the spice of life

Recharged, I’m ready to tip the scales back the other direction and après is the way I do it. My tastes vacillate, so rather than choose, I opt for a double feature.
For local flavor, I hit up the Garibaldi Lift Co., GLC for short. Slopeside, where Blackcomb and Whistler both converge, the bar and grill is bustling by 3 p.m. The food is some of the finest pub fare I’ve had. Chicken wings without the bones to fuss with and saturated in sauce, their Chicken T&A is well-known and much loved.
There are local beers on tap, too, from Whistler Brewing and Vancouver’s Stanley Park Brewery, and live music nearly every night.
I don’t stay for that though; I’ve got another stop to make.
In contrast to the GLC, Bar Oso is intimate and refined.
Here, I feel like I could be anywhere in the world. Dealing in Spanish-inspired small plates, it offers a different kind of show. Hopping onto a stool at the end of the bar, I discover it’s the best seat in the house to watch Madrid-born chef Jorge Muñoz Santos work his magic in a tiny, counter-side kitchen.
I order their signature drink, the Oso Sour; made with bacon-infused bourbon, it’s salty, sweet, and citrusy. The way Santos makes the wild scallop crudo, with all its micro ingredients artfully placed in a shell, is akin to seeing a virtuoso pianist play a sonata.


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