The Top Five Reasons Why I Think Keystone Resort is Super Cool

(with a little help from son TRACE ENTREKIN, 5)
Southeastern Correspondent for Travel + Leisure, Atlanta Magazine Custom Media Executive Editor
Photos By: Allison Entrekin

My name is Trace Entrekin and I’m 5. Some grown-ups call me a little boy but I let them know I’m actually a big kid.

My favorite things to do are shoot baskets in my driveway and build with Legos. I still sleep with my softest blanket at night but that’s only because it gets scared without me.
One thing you should probably know about me is I’m a super-duper good skier.
That’s what my mom told me after we went to Keystone Resort this winter.
It was my first time in Colorado (we live in Atlanta) and she took me on a special mommy-son trip for the Kidtopia Mountaintop Spectacular—an extra-special event that shows off how much Keystone loves kids.
Going to Keystone was the best and I’ll tell you the top five reasons why (five, after all, is the very best number).


1. You can take ski lessons with your family.



Instead of dropping me off at ski school, Mom took a Family Private Lesson with me. She said something about kids skiing free in Keystone, which meant she could spend a little more on lessons.
Anyway, I loved it because a) I like when my mom watches me and b) I like watching my mom try new things and fall down.
My mom has been skiing a bazillion times, and it was my first time, but our instructor gave her things to work on while he helped me make a pizza shape with my skis (it was an awesome pizza, if I do say so myself).
Next time, when my dad and sister come to Keystone with my mom and me, they can do the family lessons with us—you can have up to six people.


2. It really is Kidtopia.



All winter, Keystone throws these huge parties for families with parades, fireworks, and snow tubing.

The Kidtopia Mountaintop Spectacular is the biggest party of all. Ski instructors hold torches and ski down the mountain in a parade; there’s cookie decorating and tons of crafts; and best of all, you can see the lighting of the World’s Largest Snow Fort.

(It’s kind of like a giant snow playground with tunnels, slides, and mazes. None of my friends in Atlanta believe it’s real but I promise it is.)

3. There’s cool stuff for kids even when you’re not skiing.


So as I said, I’m 5. Which means I get bored easily. But not in Keystone. Even when I wasn’t skiing, there was so much cool stuff to do.

There’s a playground in River Run Village that looks like it’s from an old cowboy movie—it has a pretend saloon, a post office, and a super-fast slide.

At the Keystone Adventure Center, I made a couple new friends and played foosball with them until Mom said it was time to go.

Sometimes my legs got tired from walking to all the fun stuff but there were free wagons all over the place my mom could pull me in. (She kept saying she wished there were wagons all over Atlanta, too.)

Oh, and get this: Santa showed up. Yup, I was sitting in 9280 Tap House, drinking my usual (hot chocolate, neat, with extra whipped cream) when in he walked. He came right up to me and said hello.

I probably should have asked him some of the stuff I’ve been wondering, like how he fits in our chimney after eating all the cookies people leave for him but all I could manage to say was, “Hi.” I think I was in shock.


4. Jingle Bells isn’t a song in Keystone—it’s a whole dinner.


In Atlanta, we drive our car to go to dinner. In Keystone, we took a horse-drawn sleigh. Two of the biggest horses I’ve ever seen pulled us to a cabin deep in the woods and they were wearing bells that jingled as they walked.

(Everyone in the sleigh sang the song.) I had a big blanket covering me so I wasn’t too cold, and when I looked up, I saw like a bazillion stars.

When we got to the cabin, it was really warm, and a funny cowboy played songs on his guitar while we ate. (Mom had steak; I almost ordered the grilled chicken but then I opted for my go-to: a hot dog.)

Some kids danced but that’s not really my style—I just put my head on Mom’s shoulder and clapped to the music.

When it was time to go, our horses were outside waiting for us, and we sang Jingle Bells one more time as we clip-clopped home.


5. You can have a great time with the people you love the most in the whole entire world.


Mom says going to Keystone with me was really special. We had a lot of adventures and now that we’re home, we talk about our trip all the time.
She says her favorite part was seeing me have so much fun and my favorite part was having so much fun so I guess we agree.
Anyway, the only bad thing is Mom sometimes likes to look at the pictures from Keystone and give me kisses and sometimes she gives me more kisses than I can wipe off. But I’m still glad we went on such a super-duper great trip—kisses and all.


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