Plan a snowy trip to some of the most beautiful and iconic mountains in the U.S. and Canada, and give your kids more than a family vacation ... give them three epic experiences they’ll never forget.

This post was written by Zina Harrington, author of Let’s Lasso the Moon.

1. Conquer the World

2. Touch the Clouds

Anyone who skis knows that skiing is more than just a sport. It’s an experience.
Feeling the sun, wind and powder on your face is exciting. Speeding down the slopes is exhilarating.
Your family’s trip is sure to ignite a shared lifelong love of skiing.
When you’re on a mountaintop gazing upon the snow-covered slopes all around you, something stirs deep within. And that tingling sensation pulsing through your veins isn’t just from the thin, crisp air.
It’s an inherent reverence for nature awakening inside you. A blissful moment that can be missed if you don’t stop to take it in. It's time to plan an Epic adventure for your family to visit the awe-inspiring mountains of Colorado, Utah or Tahoe.
But be sure to …
Pause atop the powdery peaks. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Ground yourself in nature. And finally, reach up and try to touch the clouds.
Your kids will always remember the day you inspired them to reach higher than they thought they could.
Perhaps naturalist John Muir best expressed the lifelong sense of awe elicited by an experience like this:
“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
And, as if that wasn’t enough, vacations in the mountains also offer families a beautiful chance to …

3. Value the Joy of Small Moments


Follow the “pick one thing” approach.
Once you’ve made a final decision on which resort best suits your family, have each family member pick one thing that he or she simply must do to make the vacation epic.
Quick Tip: Consider creating a Pinterest board for this. That way, you can quickly show your kids all the different pre-approved adventure options available near your destination.
Many resorts offer kid-friendly non-ski activities to enjoy, too. Here are a few kid-awesome adventures to pin for later, that are sure to bring smiles to your kiddos’ faces (and pure joy in the moment).
The mountains are awesome for a family vacation and any of these resorts will give your kids a chance to connect ...
To connect with themselves and gain independence.
To connect with nature and experience both the thrill of skiing down a mountain and the wonder of simply standing atop one.
To connect with family and embrace the joy, and beauty, of small moments shared together.
After all, this is the stuff that unforgettable childhood memories are made of.

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