Beyond the highly touted attractions and famous scenes you see in the movies, local favorites and hidden gems are peppered throughout the mountains, waiting to be discovered. These are the spots you might not otherwise discover, the places with culture.
And character. And a reputation all their own.
Discover them and give your vacation the special touch it deserves. An exclusive mountain experience is out there…seize it.
Start your journey at Miners Camp at Park City. With a full view of the massive mountain from the base of the Quicksilver Gondola, it’s an iconic place to enjoy your mouthwatering meal while watching fellow skiers breezing down the powdery slopes.
Spending time in the mountains often leads to new discoveries, and reaching the top of them can lead to even more.
One of which is the unbelievable view that’s readily accessible from Breck’s world-renowned Peak 6. It’s the perfect place for panoramas, selfies, and group photos.
Oh, and if the views don’t capture you, the skiing on this peak will. High-alpine, intermediate bowl skiing is excellent here.
This resort was named one of the best winter trips of 2016 by Outside Magazine, so don’t miss out.

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