Eye-Opening Eats Two Park City dining experiences to die for

  • Incredible On-Mountain Dining
  • The Viking Yurt
  • The Snowed Inn

Park City is renowned for its world-class restaurants, but there’s more to a memorable meal than what’s on your plate. 

People flock to the mountains each season to savor the crisp air and relax with a backdrop of magnificent peaks. 

For those looking for the perfect mix of the area’s rich heritage with epicurean experiences, these two restaurants deliver a unique culture and style.

The Viking Yurt

“When you’re skiing in Europe, it’s very normal to have independence when you’re dining on the mountain,” says Joy Vik, who lived with her husband, Geir, in his native Norway for several years after they were married. 

Ultimately, the couple were drawn back to Park City—the place they fell in love—to open the Viking Yurt. 

“Whether you’re in the Dolomites in Italy or in the mountains of Norway, each location is totally affected by the personality of the owner, rather than by the style of the resort and surroundings,” she says.

The Viking Yurt shatters expectations for what’s possible in a temporary structure on a mountain. 

Located at 8,000 feet on the slopes of Park City Ski Resort, the restaurant is indeed a literal— and beautiful—yurt. 

How do you get up there? Dinner guests begin the night with a 23-minute sleigh ride up the mountain. 

It can be chilly on the way up, but warm blankets and the fact that a snow cat is towing the sleigh means guests can arrive comfortably, even in blizzard conditions.

In the moonlight, the alpine forest is a uniquely serene place, and the setting provides a perspective of the mountain vastly different from a typical ski day. 

“There are incredible views of the city lights the entire way up,” Joy says. 

“It’s remarkable.”

The trip up is merely the beginning of the Viking Yurt experience. 

Once there, you’re on what Joy describes as a “Nordic mountain fine-dining adventure.” 

Dinner is a four-hour, six course affair, starting with warm Norwegian Glogg — mulled Scandinavian wine.

While the evening dining experience is the restaurant’s hallmark, the Viking Yurt is also “a small, cozy place to drop in for lunch,” Joy says, “with a big, unique personality.”

The Snowed Inn

Steam rises off the draft horses into the cold evening air. 

Snow silently falls, leaving a light dusting on every surface. 

The only sound is from the muted patter of hooves up the mountainside at Park City Resort

The brief journey up to the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company’s mountain lodge, a nod to Park City’s historical Western roots, sets the tone for a quintessential American West dining experience.

The Snowed Inn works for large groups or families wanting to dance and enjoy the evening more so than a quaint, romantic experience. 

The lodge, tucked into mountainside trees, is a welcome departure from the modern Park City. 

Two fireplaces, bare wooden floors, and festive yet uncomplicated lighting lend a warm and rustic feel to the lodge. 

Live country music every night provides the soundtrack to an energetic, communal atmosphere.

Beyond the sleigh ride and the cowboy vibe, however, the real backbone of the Snowed Inn is its food. 

Chef Greg Pack is trained in the French culinary arts, and he has created a truly singular take on traditional American cuisine. 

The buffet-style dinner and casual setting belie Pack’s excellent preparation. 

The offerings will appear familiar, but each item is presented with an unexpected twist and quality. 

Don’t miss the local Utah trout, for example, prepared on a griddle with an Asian glaze.

At the end of the evening, guests once again load into the sleighs, where cowboys guide them back down the mountain.

Dinner with the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company is often described as something everyone should try once, and many end up regulars.

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