Dish It Up Where to find the best bites in Park City

  • 7 Recommended Places To Eat
  • Zoom
  • Wahso
  • Purple Sage
  • The Farm
  • Escala Provisions Co.
  • Red Tail Grill
  • Lookout Cabin

It’s a good thing skiing and riding Park City Resort's powder chutes and fast groomers burn so many calories, because the town of Park City, Utah, has some seriously good eats. 

Somehow, this ski town has managed to be epicurean—and a champion of locally sourced food—without being stuffy or pretentious. 

It’s ski-culture cuisine at its absolute best: Come as you are, pull up a chair—and, oh, by the way, we’re creating dishes like you’ve never seen before. 

The chefs and mixologists may be rock stars, but you’ll get the feeling they’re in it for the same reasons you are: good eats, good company, and great skiing. 

Whether you’re a brews and pizza kind of person or a full-fledged foodie, you’re going to leave happy and ready to order it all again the next day.

Historic Main Street

Downtown Park City, Utah


Sometimes you just want to refuel after a long ski day.

If you also want it done right with a gourmet flair, head to Zoom on Main Street.

Robert Redford opened Zoom in Park City’s original railroad depot, and the menu plays on the region’s pioneering roots. 

Belly up to the table for delicious takes on classic American fare.


Wahso Asian Grill pairs elegant Asian cuisine with Italian and French notes, lending a fusion feel to the meal that leaves you curious about the next entrée on the menu. 

Located on a second floor overlooking Main Street, the Oriental décor, finger towels, and oversize booths somehow work together as well as the food. 

In a town that celebrates the unusual and the artistic, Wahso is decidedly different.

Purple Sage

Pro Tip

Sage is known for its cocktails and eclectic menu, which ranges from seared scallops to homemade potato chips, and prices are reasonable to boot.

Everything about this upscale cowboy bar screams Utah, from the historic photos on the wall to the fresh trout on the menu. 

Sage is known for its cocktails and eclectic menu, which ranges from seared scallops to homemade potato chips. 

Its green chile pork stew is the go-to comfort dish, while its tamales will fill you up just as quickly. 

The prices are reasonable to boot, which can make for a welcome change of pace in an expensive town.

Canyons Village

The Farm

Canyons Ski Resort

If you only eat out once in the Park City area, eat at The Farm. 

This farm-to-table restaurant has seen a lot of publicity since its Best New Restaurant award in 2012, and for good reason. 

Located right on Ski Beach in the heart of Park City Ski Resort's Canyons Village, The Farm sources from local farms, cattle ranches, and vineyards, with a regularly revolving menu to coincide with seasonally available ingredients. 

The Utah corn soup is the go-to menu item on a cold winter evening, and the Farm Burger O’ the Day is a solid standby. 

On a personal note, The Farm single-handedly instilled in me a love of beets on a not-so-distant March evening. True story.

Review: Vegetarian Dining at The FarmBy Kristen Lummis

When you read reviews of The Farm, they are almost always glowing. And, they tend to heap superlatives on the meat: great steaks, amazing trout, incredible oxtail soup.

But vegetarians, and those who like lighter fare, should not be deterred. Like any good farm, this restaurant knows its way around the vegetable garden, and the chef’s vegetarian options are wonderfully creative.

This winter, a friend and I, who both prefer vegetarian dishes but aren’t strict about it, shared salads of pickled beets with kale and winter lettuces with herbs, followed by broccoli casserole and crispy vegetable marrow for mains.

Almost every option features something unique—an ingredient you’ve likely never tasted before. While you’ll find beets on plenty of menus, they usually aren’t served with preserved fig vinaigrette.

Likewise, the winter lettuce salad was seasonally appropriate with pine nuts, shaved root veggies, and pickled tomatoes (because you aren’t going to find fresh, homegrown tomatoes at altitude in winter). Delicious!

The broccoli casserole was a hearty mélange of local cheddar cheese, fresh noodles, mushrooms, and truffles; but my favorite was the offering with the incongruous name: the crispy vegetable marrow.

What’s vegetable marrow? It’s the stringy part of a squash—you know, the stuff most of us throw out. Mixed with baby basil sprouts, mushroom puree, spinach, and brown sugar, it’s wonderfully flavorful and tasty, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

The Farm was named one of Utah’s “25 Best Restaurants” for 2015 by Salt Lake Magazine. And it’s definitely one of the best slopeside dining experiences I’ve found anywhere…for vegetarians and carnivores.

It’s culinary innovation and farm-to-fork principals in perfect harmony.

Escala Provisions Company

At EPC in the Hyatt Escala Lodge, you’ll find the same commitment to locally sourced food as The Farm, but you’ll notice a comfort-food bent. 

EPC is the place to sit by the fireplace, enjoy the upscale rustic décor, and know you’re in good hands with the Hyatt’s “food thoughtfully sourced, carefully served” philosophy. 

No need for a car or shuttle if you’re staying in the Park City area, and in case you’re not even up for leaving your room, the Provisions Company marketplace is located adjacent, with almost anything you need available to go.

But I have kids…

Red Tail Grill

Pro Tip

In Park City, there’s no need to choose between amazing cuisine and kid-friendly fare. These dining choices will keep parents and offspring happy (and bellies In Park City, there’s no need to choose between amazing cuisine and kid-friendly fare. These dining choices will keep parents and offspring happy (and bellies full).

Take it easy on yourself and enjoy a casual meal directly from the slopes (or, if you’re staying at Canyons Village, within steps of your hotel room). 

Red Tail Grill has all the classics: quesadillas, burgers, and French fries, plus a great beer menu for Mom and Dad.

Lookout Cabin

Go against everything you ever thought you knew about ski-day lunch breaks and head to Lookout Cabin with the kids. 

Sit on the deck overlooking the Orange Bubble Express on a clear day, or cozy up to the fireplace. 

Order a panini or the Alpine Mac and Cheese, and get your food before your ski gloves have dried out.

Here’s the little-known truth: You won’t spend much more than you would in a busy cafeteria, and you’ll save yourself the headache of serving trays, long lines, and seat-saving.

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