This is where the code goes. We can link to CSS files, JS libraries, a new head section, script, and of course... HTML. Please make sure that your JS doesn't class with other JS on this page, as we can't remove any of the additional code on this template when we go to the 'live' site.

To help you, we've made all reference links on this absolute back to Place you code here, save, and open in a browser to test functionality. This will help us to avoid issues when we put your code onto the real page.

HTML Tip: If you can make your CSS,JS,and image links absolute to your servers, it makes it a lot easier for us to test code, allowing us to sign off faster. If not, not a huge problem, but it reduces our need to modify the code.

Lastly, you probably don't need to include your opening / closing HTML tag, or your closing BODY tag (there is already one at the end of the template).

Thank you. As an example... here is a clock functioning by JavaScript